Self Care: Finding Time To Protect Your Spirit

Self care is very important. Most people have a habit of taking care of others and never taking care of themselves. We must get rid of this bad habit. We can not be there for other people, and take care of them when we do not take care of ourselves first. We can not give advice, when we are down ourselves. The care first starts with ourselves.

A main component of self care is taking care of the spirit and what kind of energy you keep around. While most people think that self care is physical like going out by yourself, getting your nails done and going to a spa; self care first starts with what is in your head and heart. Its starts with the energy around you and the company you keep. The physical things you do for yourself to make you feel good comes after you have accomplished a significant level of self care.

Protect your energy from:

1. Toxic people

2. Negativity

3. Unhealthy habits

Toxic people

Toxic people suck the life out of you. Being around people who are negative, toxic, and always causing problems or stress in your life is not good self care. It eats up at you and is damaging to your spirit. Most of the time the toxic people in your life are family and friends. I know this may be hard to hear, but it is true. The people closest to you are the ones holding you back or causing you the most stress. When has a stranger ever stressed you out to the point you are damaging your spirit?…….think about it. Stop hanging around toxic people. Stop letting family and friends suck the life and energy out of you. Surround yourself with people who are good for you and your energy. That’s real self care.


Negativity is damaging to the spirit. When you are surrounded by negative things or watching negative things on social media such as fights, the killing of people and depressing stories you are putting yourself in a negative head space. You are not helping yourself be better by engaging in negative activities. You have to put yourself in a positive mindset, by watching more positive things like success stories, news reports that show people in a positive light and anything that makes you happy. Keep the negativity out of your life. Protect your spirit at all times.

Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habits can be damaging to your spirit as well. Going to college and following the same basic routine is not healthy. You have to change your routine up and live life in the moment sometimes. Eating unhealthy is not good for your energy. You ever heard of the phrase you are what you eat. If you put a lot of fast food into your body and snacks and don’t balance that out with food that’s rich in energy like fruits and vegetables, you will feel down and sluggish. Unhealthy habits should be changed in order to change your spirit.


1. Self care starts mentally before it can happen physically

2. Get rid of unhealthy habits

2. Get rid of toxic people

3. And get rid of anything that is negative in your life