Help Kids To Find Their Passion And Inner Peace; From A Preschool Educator Perspective

As a preschool educator; I am the strongest advocate you will find about children. Children are our future, and it is our job to help prepare them for that future. There is no limit on age and dreams. I knew I wanted to be an author when I was in the 5th grade, so it is very much possible for children to have an idea of who and what they want to be. We need to encourage them to push forward with those dreams and help them with whatever passions they have.

The first thing a child needs is to find their inner peace and passions. Before a child can dream about the future or live in the moment, they have to have a inner peace. Adults mistake children for just being children. Children are intelligent creatures. They hear and understand a lot more then what most people think. These children today are also growing up in a environment that is causing them to grow up way before their age, and that takes away from their development and childhood. Imagine a 12 year old young girl that is forced to stay home and watch her younger brother all the time. She has no time for homework, to go outside with her friends or find her passions and hobbies. She is forced into the responsibility of adulthood. She is no longer a child.

As adults, whether the child is biologically ours or not, we are obligated to help kids be kids. We are obligated to help them find that inner peace that allows them to be kids. We are supposed to be asking them about their day and we should know the things they like or dislike. Every child that I come in counter with is my child. I dont care If i have birth to them or not (I dont have children). As a child care provider, I see how excited children are to adults that care about them. They know the difference between a person who cares and a person who doesn’t. Remember what I stated earlier, they are not just children, but humans. They understand a lot more than you think.

Things to do to help children find their inner peace and passion:

1. Ask them about their day

2. Learn what their dislikes and likes are

3. Communicate with them on a daily basis

4. Make the environment they are in at the time comfortable and welcoming

5. Always have a open mind

6. Be loving and supportive