Letting Go Of The Ones You Love, To Love Yourself

We all have that one love that we cant help but want to be with forever. We always fantasize and dream of what life would be like with them in the future, so much that we began to loose ourselves. Some of us, even after the break-up there is a connection that we cant seem to break away from. We put so much love and support into the other person, that we realize once they are gone, there is no love for ourselves. And then we experience the hardest pill to swallow…we don’t love ourselves.

When in a relationship, it can be easy to become consumed into another person’s life and daily routines. You will find yourself beginning to do the things they like, and sooner and later the things you would do before them are no longer on your radar. So when that routine is gone, and what you are used to is no more…you are forced to ask yourself, Who am I? Who was I before you? Who will I be now? That’s when things start to get tricky.

The hardest thing to do is let go of someone you love. But the even harder thing to do is love yourself once they are gone. Sometimes its not the break-up that allows us to get over a person, but the healing process afterwards. We have to let go of the hurt, the pain and everything else that is keeping us from reaching our full potential. We have to began to love ourselves.

I know it might sound simple. But not everybody loves themselves and are truly happy. Some people are happy with certain parts of themselves and certain aspects of their lives, but are they really happy? Can you look in the mirror today and say” I love myself, and all my flaws?” Without laughing, without hesitation, but with a big smile and pure joy in your heart?

Loving yourself means you become content with yourself. You dont try to fill that void with men, women, drugs or alcohol. You enjoy being by yourself when its necessary and then you enjoy being in the company of others when you want to as well. You love the skin you are in, you accept when things dont always go the way they should, and you enjoy life. That is just some of the things that come with loving yourself…but you must first let go of any hurt and pain that has been done to you.

This form of pain can be done in relationships, friendships, and even family members. You must be truthful to yourself and realize that everything isnt good for you. And that you have to start putting yourself FIRST!