Sisterhood: What It REALLY Means!

I wanted to speak on the topic of sisterhood, because so many people don’t know what it really means. I am involved with two sisterhoods and I receive something very different from both. But they both are very valued in my life. I am going to start by telling you what Sisterhood is and then tell you what Sisterhood is not.

Sisterhood is: love, support, compassion, and HONESTLY. There shouldn’t be anything too small or too big that you cant tell your sister, especially when it has to do issues between the two of you, or somebody else. We as women have a bad habit of not being open and transparent with another woman. We will talk behind her back, assume she know what the problem is, and not communicate how we really feel.

This is not what sisterhood is. Sisterhood is not lies, betrayal and not communicating. Sisterhood should not be painful or hurtful. We all go through problems. Any relationship has its struggles and situations, but true sisterhood you should be able to get through no matter what. Unless there is something done with no return; such as physical harm. Other then that any petty arguments and disagreements should not damage a sisterhood. Sisterhood is not just being in a sorority or a group and calling somebody “sis”. Its about knowing that persons likes and dislikes, encouraging them, being happy to be around them and being able to be yourself. If you feel like you cant be yourself and genuinely be happy, then that is not the sisterhood for you.

If I ever felt like Zeta changed me for the worst; I would not be apart of it. I would send all my membership materials back if it didn’t make me happy. There is a reason I chose Zeta and I’m growing everyday and building genuine relationships. I have met women because of Zeta; but they have become my sisters because of interactions and building with each other; its beautiful.

In WURUS and PLM (Wake Up and Rise Up Sistahs and Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement) I am surrounded with beautiful Afrikan women who I genuinely feel comfortable around. If I ever need something or just need to talk; they are there. That is how sisterhood is suppose to feel. It should make you happy and not make you sad or upset.


What is Sisterhood to you???? Comment below.