Following Your Heart: Using Maulana Karenga's Interpretation of The Heart & Mind

“Sometimes following your heart means losing your mind” That statement alone should tell you that this blog post is going to challenge the very way you think. Its going to change it completely. Alot of people think you are suppose listen to your heart but your mind is your logic and you should listen to that above your heart. What if I told you they were connected and there wasn’t a big difference? In The Husia by Maulana Karenga he talks about how the heart and the mind work together to help with your decision making. They are one and you cant really separate them from each other.

I am going to fully agree with his statement. I want you to think about it for a moment. When most people cant get somebody off of their mind, they keep thinking about the person…Its because that person is still in their heart some kind of way. It could be good or bad, but that person, thought or place is in their heart. When you think of something it is because your heart is allowing you to. The heart and the mind are connected, there is no such things as following your heart and not following your mind or vice versa, they are one.

For example, Say you are going through a break up. You tell yourself that you will not follow your heart and you are not going to answer his or her phone calls. Now while you are thinking this is your mind using logic, it is actually your heart leading your mind. In your heart you know you cant continue on the path your are going so you decide to make decisions based on what your heart is telling you.

Do you need anymore examples? Are you following me when I say there is no real difference between the heart and mind? Do you now understand that they are one in the same working together to help with your decision making?

I can go on and on about this topic providing you countless examples of how following your heart is basically using your mind for the logic as well. They work together. So it makes sense when people say always follow your heart because whatever you heart says your mind will eventually follow. And if you ever feel that your heart and your mind aren’t in the same place it is because your heart is confused about the type of decision you should make; not the mind. You tend to separate the two because it better explains the confusion that most people have with feelings.

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