Weight Loss & Self-Discipline

The most important thing about weight loss is self-discipline. You will not lose the type of weight you are hoping for without having some self-discipline. This means setting specific and tangible goals that you will follow through with. You can not say I want to lose 100 pounds in a year and continue to eat junk food, fast food and everything that you know you shouldn’t be eating. You are going to have to make some sacrifices and change a lot of eating habits and everyday routines. But If you set these goals early on you will be able to achieve them more realistically.

Dani Spies, a health, wellness and weight loss coach, had a beautiful definition of self-discipline that I want to share with you all. She said: “my definition of self discipline is the process of getting to know and understand yourself, your body, your truths and your dreams; and then with that understanding, practicing how to live in alignment with that truth/honoring that for yourself”.

I LOVE this definition because so many times we based our journeys on somebody else expectations. We look at the scale every week and wonder why we aren’t loosing weight at the same rate as somebody else. We have to learn our own body, our own strengths, and set goals based on that. We cant just eat the same way other people eat or exercise the same one others are because it work for them. We have to learn and walk on our own path. It might take longer and it might have some bumps in the road, but the goal will get done if we continue to have self-discipline and work on ourselves.

I will list 5 easy steps and questions to consider and help you start this weight loss and self-discipline journey off just right.

1. Decide what you want and why you want it

How much weight do you want to lose? Why do you want to loose it? Are you doing this for you, or to please somebody else? Make specific goals

2. Find a way to work on your goals EVERYDAY

You do not have to work out everyday, but you should be doing something everyday to work on your discipline. The more you make the changes in your life a habit; the easier the transition will be. Start to eat fruit everyday, drink more water, make small steps towards your goals.

3. Schedule your workouts

We are all busy adults. Don’t use this as an excuse as to why you couldn’t work out. Schedule specific times and days to work out. Put it in your calendar and hold yourself accountable for the days you set.

4. Speak positive affirmations to yourself during your journey

You are not going to continue your journey if you aren’t being positive about it. If you are consistently putting yourself down it will effect your journey. Tell yourself how proud you are and keep pushing.

5. Celebrate accomplishments

If you lose 3 pounds that is an accomplishment. Celebrate the changes and milestones you accomplish on your journey and keep pushing forward to achieve more and more goals.

I hope that this article is helpful as you start your weight loss journey. Subscribe to the blog for future materials and have a great day!