Taking Care Of YOUR Mental State

As mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, business owners….the list can go on we tend to put other peoples needs and wants before our own. We don’t take the time to check on our mental state and make sure we are good before anything else.

WE CAN NOT TAKE CARE OF ANYBODY ELSE UNLESS WE TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES. This sounds so simple and so easy but it is not. We have to take care of our mental state. And when I mean mental state I mean everything from how we eat, think and breathe. Every decision we make has to be thought out. Everything we do has to have a purpose. We should be moving in a way that makes us happy at all times. We are all human, we all go through things in life that might take us off our game for a short period of time, but we should never be so low that we are questioning our mental state. We have to have control over our life. And it starts with simple things like:

1. Having alone time is important.

That does not mean that you isolate yourself from the people you love or push everybody away. It just simple means that you take time out for yourself and relax.

2. You are what you eat

You are what you eat. Most of the time when we are feeling down and not in a good mood it is because of the food we are eating and the chemicals we are putting in your body. It is ways you can eat healthy, or make what you eat healthy. You can’t eat from McDonald’s everyday all day and think you are going to be energized and happy. You are going to feel tired and sluggish, that is a fact.

3. Do something you love

Lastly, do something you love. Nothing makes you more happier then just doing what you love. If you love to sing, sing. If you love to dance, dance. Do something that will make you feel at peace with yourself, and do it EVERYDAY. You will see your attitude transform over time.