5 of The Biggest Things I Stopped/Started Doing to Lose Weight

All my life I have been what doctors call “overweight” or “obese”. I have always been the chunky plus size girl in school. I was never bullied in school but when I look back at my childhood I missed out on a lot of activities because of it. I was never involved in sports; I hated gym class and would always try to avoid certain games and activities. During free time in school I was always the first out in tag and hiding seek because I hated running and really couldn’t hide because of my size. I finally came to terms with my weight and the things I did to create it. It was time for a change. I lifestyle change.

I changed my eating habits, work out routines and started doing new things I wasn’t doing originally. I want to share those things with you.

1. Cut out Beef, Pork and Red Meat (and products that have them)

A year ago I decided to stop eating beef, pork and red meat. I was never really a red meat eater so that was pretty easy to cut out. I stopped eating pork a few months prior so that was pretty easy too. Beef was the hardest to give up. Everything i ate had beef in it. So I had to find a alternative. Turkey was that. I replaced turkey with everything that I ate was beef and am satisfied. I now only eat turkey, fish and chicken.

2. Drink more water

You would be surprised how much good water does for your body. A lot of people don’t know there is a certain amount of water you are suppose to intake based off of your weight. I am currently suppose to intake 136.7 fl. oz which is a little over a gallon a day. I have been doing that. People have been telling me they can see the results. Of course I don’t know for sure because I have not been checking my weight. But I do see small changes like I’m more energized and my sides are slimming down.

3. Bake as much as possible

When you bake your foods instead of frying them its amazing. In my opinion it taste better too, but you take away half of the fats that would have been there if you fried them. I do still eat fried foods, but I try my best to eat most of the foods baked instead of fried. If i do decide to have something fried i use as less grease as possible and I don’t do it often.

4. Eat more Greens (Kale, Spinach..etc.)

I never liked Spinach. You couldn’t get me to eat Spinach for nothing in the world as a child. I now love Spinach. I ONLY eat fresh Spinach in a bag and mostly use them in omelettes. I also use kale a lot now. I eat kale in smoothies, salads and I have even tried kale chips. Greens are essential and are supposed to be eating everyday. So try to get small amounts in. They have worked wonders for me and my health.

5. Do new exercises (jogging, running..etc.)

As I expressed before I was never the type of person to run, jog or do any activities like that because of my weight. Now I have more confidence in myself and I know that the easiest way to lose weight is in the form of running or jogging so I run and jog around a trail and do about 3 almost 4 miles going and back. Due to the weather being so cold I have been doing at home exercises, but I don’t feel like they are as satisfying as the running and jogging. Its very weird that I have found a love for something I used to hate. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Open up yourself to new possibilities and new adventures. Do things you never have done and you will be surprised of the outcome.