Expectations are the Doorways to Disappointment…One-sided that is.

“Expectations are the doorways to disappointment” This started off as a simply Facebook status and conversation I was having with a sister in my community.

Expectations are the doorways to disappointments simply means that when you have expectations of someone, or a situation you are setting yourself up to be disappointment. Especially when those expectations are not met in your timing and in your way. See when we put expectations on someone we tend to put them on a pedestal, not realizing they are human too. Not realizing that they will not ever live up to our expectations, especially if they are unrealistic and one-sided.

One-sided expectations are the most dangerous expectations you can have. When you expect someone to live up to the fantasy in your head and you haven’t sat down and laid out a realistic expectations as adults, you set yourself up for disappointment. You can not expect somebody to be what you want them to be. If you don’t be upfront in the beginning and have rules, expectations and goals as a couple or even friendship, you can not then turn around and become upset…..because they didn’t KNOW what you expected. Because you didn’t open up your mouth and say exactly how you feel…that’s on you!

The best way to avoid disappointment all together is to not have expectations. Live life as is. Base everything, every encounter with a person, every situation on energy (on how you feel in that moment). Trust that gut feeling, its there for a reason. Stop thinking everybody is going to have the same heart as you. Or believing that if you do good nothing bad will happen to you. And when something bad or a obstacle comes your way you think you are cursed. All of those expectations and stresses on life, cause you to do the one thing you should be doing…..living life.

Stop worrying so much about things you have no control over Stop having one-sided expectations. If you expect somebody to do something, to be a certain way, discuss those expectations in the very beginning. Don’t get upset or set yourself up for disappointment, when you are in control of your feelings. You are in control of the people you choose to let in your life. You are the master of your own fate. Take control of your energy, your surroundings, the people in your life, and your expectations!

Make sure you COMMENT, LIKE and SHARE and tell me what you think! Do you tend to have expectations of people? Do you tend to always be disappointed?

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