Keep your vision to yourself until IT is manifested!

Stop telling people your ideas! Stop telling people about your dreams! Stop telling people about the things you “want” to accomplish, and then get mad when they shit on it, steal the idea, or just simply don’t care. People should not hear about your ideas until they are manifested, completed, ready to be seen by the world. It’s okay to share ideas with some of your close friends and family, but even then you have to share parts, you have to know what to say and what not to say. You have to be careful with your dreams and your ideas.

Most of us have a million ideas running through our heads. We always have some type of idea or some type of vision that will benefit our future. But we damage that when we share everything with everybody. When we share those type of precious ideas with people, especially ones that are not developed, not copyrighted; we allow other peoples opinions to damage the idea. We allow them to come in and change the direction of the idea. We allow it to be tainted. We allow their opinions to have value in what we are doing.

The simple way you can change this narrative is to simply stop telling people your ideas. Stop allowing them to have say so. Create 5 year plans; create vision boards; write in a journal or planner. Keep those plans under-wraps until you are absolutely sure you will do them. Don’t share the plans prematurely and then have people saying, “You didn’t do that” or “What happened to the time you said….”. Never give anybody that advantage.

When the time is right you will be able to share all your greatness. Everything you envisioned will come to life and you will be able to see it and everybody else will too. Use that as the time to announce all that you have worked for. Use that as the time to bask in the victory!

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