The Art of Vulnerability

According to the definition of vulnerability is the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. What’s missing in this definition is that vulnerability can expose you to the possibility of healing, love, support and community. The definition on makes vulnerability seem like a negative thing and doesn’t talk about the positive. Yes when you are being open you can be exposed to hurt and pain, but you can also be exposed to love and support. Don’t think of vulnerability as just a negative thing. Look for it, for what it is… a chance for you to open up and release what needs to be released.

Vulnerability is beautiful, when you know who to be vulnerable to. Sometimes we find ourselves being too open with people, and that is where that hurt and pain comes from that’s associated with vulnerability. We have to be careful with who we open up to. We have to take the time and really know who has our best interest in heart. Some people seem to have our interest, but really just wanna be nosy. Find your tribe. Find those you can wholeheartedly trust with your most vulnerable self. Those are the people who will show you the beauty of vulnerability.

Vulnerability is scary. It’s being completely open and exposed. It’s not fake. You can’t hide parts of yourself and be vulnerable at the same time. You have to really look into yourself and let yourself know that you want to change and you want to do better.

Remember that it’s always going to be pros and cons of anything you do. Remember that there is more to gain than lose in being vulnerable. Find the right people to be vulnerable with. Remember all these things and you will be okay.

Nia Kamau, The Urban Author




One thought on “The Art of Vulnerability

  1. GiGi E says:

    🎼Sis, let me tell you this was right on time in conjunction with today’s class as I have found to still have the wall and be vulnerable when I feel safe.
    I know my challenge is the fact I have always been the “strong one”, but now growing with community I realize I can be able to release all the hurt, the struggles, the innermost feelings I’ve kept bottled in for fear of “bothering folks with my troubles when I know we’re all going through things.” Thank you.


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