It’s Not Always Easy; But It’s Worth It!

In today’s society it is so easy to throw a person away or give up. It’s harder to fight and stick it out when things get rough. I’m not just referring to relationships; I’m referring to family dynamics as well. Sometimes we will forgive a mate for things we throw our family members away for. We pick and choose how much we want to put up with and who those people are. Putting up with blatant disrespect is a no no. I’m not saying stay with your husband if he has outside children and any other thing you wouldn’t normally put up with. That’s not the purpose of this blog. The purpose is for us to understand the importance and value of relationships (personal, professional, love, friendships).

If we valued relationships the same way we value materialistic things we would be in a better place as a people. I know people that have the latest clothes, shoes, phones, electronics and their relationships with people are trash. They have poor communication skills. Lack empathy and respect. Lack of social abilities. We have to value people the same way we do things. People and things are not the same. You can’t just throw away people the same way you do things. People are valuable. They can’t be replaced once they transition. Hold on to the ones you love.

In your heart you know what is worth fighting for. You know what is worth holding on to. Your heart also knows when its time to let go. When something isn’t serving you any purpose, love or support…If you have a man who is consistently disrespecting you, degrading you, putting you down…you know this is not the type of situation you should be in mentally. It’s time to let it go. But then we throw away people for small disagreement, us in our feelings or whatever the case may be. That’s something that can be talked about and fixed.

Life is too short to not fight for what you love. It’s too short to give up on valuable relationships because of small disagreements and misunderstandings. Remember once somebody transitions their body is gone in the physical. While you can still talk to them in the spiritual realm, anything that you would have wanted to do, fix or repair would have been too late. Love and cherish those who matter. Get rid of those who effect your mental state. Value people over things!

Nia Kamau, The Urban Author




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