Monetizing Your Passion

As I stated in the previous blog, there is a way to monetize your passion or purpose. You should not be money hungry though. Money should not be your primary focus of why you are doing what you are doing. There will be a time when money is low. There will be a time when things aren’t going exactly as planned. So, then what are you going to do? Are you going to give up on that passion because it’s not making you the amount of money you wanted? Are you going to quit? If you do quit, and do give up then that wasn’t really your passion. You weren’t driven. You really didn’t LOVE it. You just loved the money you made from it.

Although you are not supposed to be money hungry, you do need to value yourself. You can’t get paid for EVERY booking and show. You are not going to make a profit from every event you host. If you are a performing artist volunteering for a charity event, you can’t expect to be paid. Money can not be the sole purpose of you doing what you do. You need to do what you love for the sole purpose of bettering your community and the money will come. I’m not telling you to sit at home, following a dream and just expect money to come. That’s not how that works.

You need to be solving a problem. You have to show people that, your service/product is needed…therefore that is where the value comes from. You wouldn’t have to explain your value or demand respect and a price for every little thing you do, if your work speaks for itself. Those who understand purpose…will give you your value. That’s when the money will come in. People only pay for things they feel they want and need. So make them feel like your service/product is a NEED!

When it comes to making money and monetizing your passions, it’s best to let things happen organically. For example, my passion and purpose is writing. I write this blog for FREE. You subscribe for FREE. But my blog is a marketing tool. The blog is potential customers, subscribers, followers. It could be a potential email list or guest to future events. From the blog came books, speaking engagements, panels, workshops and so much more. All of these things have become because of me following my passion and purpose and always seeing the bigger picture. That’s what will help you monetize your purpose. That’s what will help people see the value in your work!

Nia Kamau, The Urban Author




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