How to Avoid Fear: Do Whatever you Are Afraid Of!

Fear is a illusion to keep you from accomplishing your goals. I am going to say that again. Fear is a illusion to keep you from accomplishing your goals. Fear is not real. Fear is a emotion that can easily be controlled and managed. The easiest way to avoid fear, is to do exactly what we claim to be afraid of. You ever heard as a child that you have to face your fears in order to concur them. That is serious and applies to adults as well.

When we are normally afraid to do something, its not the act that we are afraid of. We have more anxiety about the thought of us failing, uncertainty, what others will think…etc. When you do things you are afraid of and accomplish them, you become unstoppable. You experience a sense of joy. When you don’t allow fear to lead your life you open yourself up for more opportunities.

For example, when I first started performing poetry I was extremely nervous. I was nauseous and my anxiety was to the roof. But, I had it set in my mind that I wanted to see if I could take this poetry thing to the next level. I wanted to see if this was something I wanted to do long term. Ever since I faced my fear of starting new things, I have felt unstoppable. I have performed out of state, I have been on mental health panels, been offered speaking engagements..etc. If I never would have performed my poetry, it’s a possibility that the other things wouldn’t have happened. I probably wouldn’t have even considered it.

In order to overcome that illusion of fear, you have to just do it. Fear causes stress which leads to other illnesses that we don’t need as a people. If you want to open that business, do it. If you wanna go to the movies and your friends are bailing out, go. If you wanna write that book, write it. There is nothing stopping you, but you! Don’t worry about what other people think. Create a bucket list and start to cross things off…TODAY!

Nia Kamau, The Urban Author




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