Move At your Own Pace!

In today’s society we are shown so many #goals on social media that it messes with us. We analyze other people’s lives (well what they show us), that we tend to beat ourselves up. “She’s 25 with her own house, what am I doing”? “He has his own business and I can’t get mine off the ground, what am I doing wrong”? We build ourselves around a perception that we see. 9 times outta 10 those people are not sharing their downfalls. They are not telling you what they had to go through to make that happen. All the help they got. The countless sleepless night. The struggle. They just show the end result and not the process!

Do NOT allow the glorification you see on social media to make you question or want to rush your own process. MOVE AT YOUR OWN PACE! Just because something is happening for somebody else, doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you. It’s not YOUR time. The creator feels you need more time. That you are not ready. It’s okay to cheer another person on and be happy for them as you wait your turn. It’s okay to be patient and continue to work towards your goals. There is no timeline on your goals! You don’t have to purchase a house before 30 or get married by a certain age. Don’t follow the imaginary timeline that society has come up with. MOVE AT YOUR OWN PACE!

What the creator has for you will be for you. You will get everything you deserve and worked for…when it is time. So many people rush businesses, relationships..etc. and then wonder why things didn’t work out the way they wanted them to. It is because it wasn’t your time. You decided to rush the process and now you are starting over. Moving at your own pace means moving according to your own plan. Do not compare your life to the next person. Only person you should be in competition with is YOURSELF! Only goals you should be chasing are the ones YOU created for yourself, based on your own journey. Do what’s best for you! MOVE AT YOUR OWN PACE!

Nia Kamau, The Urban Author




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